Instrumentation Cables

At Libery Industries, we are manufacturing a wide range of Instrumentation Cable used for electronic Control Panel , Control Instruments, Computing Systems and Networking of Instruments. Also designing and developing the Cable as per the custom designed parameters based on national & international standards.

Construction of Cables
  • CONDUCTOR: Solid / bunched / stranded copper bare / tinned from 0.25 mm2 to 1.5 mm2.
  • INSULATION: PVC / polyethylene / polypropylene extruded cores identified by colours / number printing.
  • FORMATION: 1/2/3/4 core are twisted to form singles / pairs / triads.
  • INDIVIDUAL SCREENING: Pair / triads are screened by copper wire / shielded by aluminum mylor tape with drain wire.
  • ASSEMBLY: Singles / pairs / triads are laid up.
  • FINAL SCREENING / SHIELDING: Laid up cable is finally screened by copper wires / shielded by aluminium mylor tape with drain wire.
  • ARMOURING: Galvanized steel wire / strips are used.
  • SHEATHING: An extruded layer of PVC is applied in different colours as required.
These cables are widely used for electronic control panels, computing systems and control instruments

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